Bach cer­tain­ly would have loved Pas­so Avan­ti

says BR Klas­sik (Bavar­i­an pub­lic clas­si­cal radio) and NDR (North Ger­man pub­lic radio) reports:

The quar­tet Pas­so Avan­ti rene­go­ti­ates the musi­cal para­me­ters of exist­ing pieces- this results in an excit­ing mix­ture of clas­si­cal music and jazz. The meta-morphoses are humor­ous and brim with ideas. The joy of arrang­ing and impro­vis­ing is a key ele­ment, which imm­me­di­ate­ly infects the lis­ten­ers.“

Pas­so Avan­ti brings clas­sics to new life with tremen­dous joy and vir­tu­os­i­ty; clas­sics that were out­ra­geous­ly mod­ern at their time. The socalled old mas­ters, com­posers like Bach, Brahms and Ver­di, were all musi­cal pio­neers, who loved to exper­i­ment and were open for new approach­es. What kind of music would they make today? Pas­so Avan­ti lets us catch a glimpse of that. The quar­tet trans­lates well-known works to a mod­ern musi­cal lan­guage and reshapes them with­out com­pro­mis­ing their orig­i­nal spir­it. On the con­trary, the unique arrange­ments make the pieces as excit­ing as they were back then. In doing so, they nev­er sound arti­fi­cial or forced, but with inher­ent nat­u­ral­ness. When play­ing, the four musi­cians cre­ate a vivid dia­logue between the indi­vid­ual voic­es, that brings out won­der­ful new nuances of the orig­i­nals – they shine with new splen­dour. This splen­dour also reflects in the title of Pas­so Avanti’s sec­ond album: it relates to the pieces, the musi­cal styles and to the musi­cians. Finest Blend, yes indeed.



Julia Bassler/Mario Korunic – vio­lin

Alexan­der von Hagke – clar­inet, bass clar­inet, flute and pic­co­lo

Vla­do Grizelj – gui­tar

Eugen Baz­i­jan – cel­lo



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