Who I am

After work­ing sev­er­al years as a lawyer and con­sul­tant for project and risk man­age­ment I real­ized that my true pas­sion is work­ing for and with musi­cians. I enjoy sup­port­ing high­ly gift­ed cham­ber music ensem­bles and soloists in plan­ning out their career and pur­su­ing their goals.

What I offer

For con­cert pre­sen­ters and agen­cies I am a reli­able part­ner in the con­cep­tion, plan­ning and real­iza­tion of spe­cial con­certs. The artists I rep­re­sent are not only musi­cal­ly high class but go new ways in clas­si­cal music thus bring­ing a spe­cial atmos­phere onto stage. For artists I am a sol­id part­ner in iden­ti­fy­ing their goals, strong­ly pur­su­ing and final­ly achiev­ing them. Being a small agency is a great plus when it comes to hav­ing enough time to put into their indi­vid­ual careers. Trust is the foun­da­tion and nour­ish­ment of the rela­tion­ships the musi­cians and I enjoy.