Musi­cal high­fly­ing through time and space

bril­liant— clas­sic — sur­pris­ing

Fast-paced melodies fly through space, buzzing with excit­ing rhythms: the New Piano Trio spreads its wings and takes you into a whole new uni­verse of sound. The air pos­i­tive­ly vibrates as these three vir­tu­osos demon­strate the light­ness of being at a Irish wed­ding in Bucharest — high emo­tions, danc­ing feet, and good times are impos­si­ble to stop. Sen­su­al and intox­i­cat­ing describe the pas­sacaglia or the fugue of New Piano Trio as they play their way into the 21st cen­tu­ry with unruly ener­gy and youth­ful arro­gance (exu­ber­ance maybe?). This is the New Piano Trio sound: slen­der del­i­ca­cy, rhyth­mic vir­tu­os­i­ty, pow­er­ful and cos­mopoli­tan!
Pianist Maria Radu­tu, vio­lin­ist Flo­ri­an Willeit­ner and Cel­list Ivan Turkalj, three inter­na­tion­al top­mu­si­cians, demon­strate with every ring­ing breath the depth of their knowl­edge and crafts­man­ship. They have inter­nal­ized the very essence of their music. New Piano Trio rede­fines the genre, con­quer­ing here­to undis­cov­ered worlds of sound. The inten­si­ty of the expe­ri­ence unfolds a vast spec­trum of col­or­ful sonori­ties in all imag­in­able shades. The com­po­si­tions of vio­lin­ist Flo­ri­an Willeit­ner oscil­late effort­less­ly between radi­ant and brood­ing har­monies. Pre­cise move­ments and intri­cate balkan-like rhythms are paired with lyri­cal melodies to enchant the sens­es. It’s a music that can’t be con­tained to the “cham­ber” but belongs rather to the great stages of the world. Here, not only is every note in place — the clev­er­ness and joy­ful curios­i­ty of the trio make for an unfor­get­table lis­ten­ing expe­ri­ence. Whether you’re used to clas­si­cal or pop music: New Piano Trio is for all ears. You’ve nev­er heard it quite like this!
Text: Wal­bur­ga Mane­mann, WDR3


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